The Best Place to Hang Out

Some people like to go out and enjoy the outdoors; others like to stay in and sleep.

The sun is shining, cool wind is blowing, and the water is cold. The beach is a nice place to be when it’s hot. You can go out and tan, swim, or just got for fun with some friends.

An amusement park is a very family friendly place. Most amusement parks have rides for both adults and kids. Buying junk food and soda, face painting, and souvenirs are some of the ways to spend most of your money.

Being warm, and cozy stuffed under your blanket  sounds fine to me. Instead of going out and getting burnt, some people rather stay in and sleep.

Being hot and inside aren’t always the best. Sometimes being cold is more fun. Somewhere, anywhere, cold and snowing sounds fun. Snow angels, and sleding aren’t too bad of an idea when you’re bored.

Where would you rather be?

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