What is your favorite subject?

For our survey we had went around campus asking students of what is their favorite subject. In all we had interviewed 15 students at Ceasar Chavez High School.

“My favorite subject is English and Literature, I love reading a lot because it helps me improve my writing,” freshman Alyssa Ramirez said.

There were six students out of 15 overall had chosen English.

Also for our survey we had interviewed more people and five out of 15 students had chosen math for their favorite subject. There were 27% of them that favored mathematics.

“My favorite subject is Math because its simply easy and I love to solve a lot of expressions that involves with numbers,” sophomore Lorraine Liligan.

Finally, for our survey we have gotten 4 out of 15 students that favored P.E. There were 33% of students that actually has P.E. as their favorite subject.

“I love P.E. because it helps keep myself active all the time, like instead of sitting for a whole time of period I rather like to move a lot around all the time,” freshman Makayla Moua said.