Why you should not preorder video games


The gaming industry is certainly the most profitable industry in the world, making a little over 179 billion dollars in 2020 which is more than the film and sport industry has generated in a year during the last two to three years even pre-Covid times. These figures will continue to grow as gaming companies and companies that aren’t affiliated with games realize the potential profit and accessibility to the general population. What people may have not realized is that video games prices are becoming egregiously greedy and unreasonable at the cost of innovation, quality, and player’s enjoyment.

Cyberpunk 2077, as you may know, was one of the hypest games to date with all of its advertisements with Keanu Reeves and gameplay presentation that set a high expectation for its launch. It failed miserably, at least in the terms of expectation because it is very buggy at release, shallow amount of content, and not a lot of variety in combat or story choices since it is alluding you to believe it so.

This is what players have purchased and experienced on day one and it harbored so much backlash that CD Projekt Red has to publish an apology video for it, which is unlike other companies. The people that benefited in this whole disaster were the investors and CDPR executive itself, making $562 million and sold 13.7 million copies along with damaging their own integrity it had built for the last ten years before the end of 2020. This situation proves that you can make a very deceptive and beautiful looking game with a spice of pretty lies to hide its flaws and lure people with flimsy expectations and run away with it.

Sports games nowadays are very notorious in the gaming community for the longest time with FIFA being the source of card packs gambling, NBA introducing a literal gambling pachinko in 2k20 even though it’s E rated for everyone, Madden and WWE have the buggiest animations and gameplay of all the sports games that it can be comical at times. After a year break from 2k21, Madden 2k22 would have a chance to shine on the next generation of consoles that would, in theory, improve everything from player animations to gameplay mechanics to perhaps cutscene quality.Madden 22 vs Madden 21 Side by Side! It's Not Even CLOSE! - YouTube

But there is no improvement, only disappointment that you had to shed ten dollars more for contents that have been copied and pasted from prior years that somehow carried the same bugged animations, misrepresented stats, and even characters that looked similar to yesteryear but in terrible quality that slightly improved. They had the audacity to priced the cross-gen bundle at $100 in the MVP Edition and $120 in the Dynasty Edition which means if you bought Madden for PS4 or Xbox One for $60, you cannot play Madden 2k22 on next-gen unless you shed $40 more for the same-similar content with a slight advantage with the package you get but it means very little when you can’t even play the game that’s full of bugs, glitches, and so many freeze-frame that leads to frequent crashes even on the next generation of consoles.

If you truly care about Madden and considered buying the game, even though it has been released, watch AngryJoe’s review on this game to show you the reality of the situation this game is truly in that words cannot describe.