Jordan Peele Is The Next Big Horror Director


Jordan Peele has taken the horror franchise by storm recently with his blockbuster Get Out in 2017 and follow up Us in 2019 as well as the remake of the television show The Twilight Zone. Peele has been loved by many for years. He was part the iconic comedy duo ‘Key & Peele’ for a significant amount of time and was very widely appreciated as a comedian. Peele eventually showed off that he’s a man of many talents when he released Get Out in February of 2017. 

Most didn’t know what to expect from Peele’s venture in to the horror genre because his track record mainly consisted of fun sketch comedy work as opposed to dark horror movies. There’s no doubt people found the trailers interesting though, especially considering the amount of general exposure Peele and his team could give it. The movie received very high ratings, especially considering it was Peele’s first time directing and writing a horror movie. It had a 98% score on rotten tomatoes from professional critics. The movie was scary and more so it made you think. There was also a good amount of Peele’s classic comedy in the movie that audiences also loved. Most agreed that this actually made for some nice sequences in between the story that were effective for getting to know the characters, especially in only an hour and forty-four minutes time.

In January, Peele’s second project was announced. It was a movie titled Us. Just from the trailers, everyone was really excited for what was to come. The trailers gave a great sense of what was to come from the movie, while at the same time keeping everything concealed enough so that it could still be a surprise to the viewers. The movie was just as good and maybe even a step up from Get Out, even considering the fact that they’re completely different experiences. Us received an 94% on rotten tomatoes from professional credits confirming Peele as a modern success in the horror genre.

The movie took the world by storm and had everyone thinking as they exited the theater. The cinematography was amazing, there were a  few specific scenes that were done beautifully. They were the type of scenes you wish every horror movie could have because it wasn’t just pointless jump-scares, but intricately thought out scenes. People often forget that the point of a horror movie isn’t to get scared, the point is to tell a story, just like any other movie. This is one of the main reasons Peele is doing so great for himself in the horror movie industry so quickly after the switch from comedy to horror. He obviously cares about the things he creates and in it to give someone a cheap and easy scare. Peele also does an exceptional job at scaring the audience in a less obvious way by getting inside your thoughts about life. This movie will have you thinking about it and questioning everything for the rest of the night. Overall, the movie did a great job at storytelling and honestly made history in the horror industry forever.

In the end, Jordan Peele already seems to have the entire genre mastered after just two projects.Whether or not you’re a fan of his, you have to agree that he’s a very talented man who will go down in history for all his hard work. Many say he will be the next Wes Craven or the next Alfred Hitchcock, but if we’re being honest that’s not true. Jordan Peele has the potential of surpassing some of these long time greats and making the horror genre his own. Peele is very deserving of all the recognition he’s been getting recently and all of his supporters, old and new, are looking forward to whatever projects he has to share with the world next.