Black History: Simone Biles


Simone Biles was born on March 14, 1997, in Columbus, Ohio. She is known as one of the most decorated gymnasts of all time winning a total of 25 world championship medals and setting a record for the most Olympic medals with 7.

Biles, however, didn’t have such an amazing childhood growing up. Her father abandoned her, her mother, and her entire family. Soon her mother couldn’t afford to take care of her and her three other siblings. Later on Simone and her three-year-old sister Adria were adopted by their grandpa and his wife Nellie. The kids soon thought of them as lovely parents doing their best to take care of them while giving them a life to live. 

A very young Biles had a lot of natural skill, strengths, and high energy. In an interview, she described herself as “a brave young little kid.” One day as a six-year-old young child she went to a gym and saw some of the older girls performing. Some of the coaches took notice of her mimicking their performances. The coaches, later on, invited her to take gymnastics classes on a daily basis. The energy Simone had was showing in her practices one day dreaming of becoming a star champion. Later on, her energy proved to be a challenge for her teachers then soon later she was diagnosed with ADHD having to be prescribed the stimulant Ritalin. 

She soon was able to focus more on the tasks in front of her making it easier for everyone in her life moving forward. As the years went by Simone was competing in a lot of competitions. Her first event was at the 2011 Junior National of the American Classic in Houston showcasing her abilities as much as she could. At age 14 Biles was home-schooled leaving her Public school behind to later train six to eight hours a day for gymnastics. In 2016 Simone was picked for the Olympic team and soon later led them to victory. As of today, she is still one of the best performers in her sport. She has conquered her biggest hurdles not just on stage but also in life making her one of a kind talent.