2019 Throwdown a Huge Success for Clubs


Aliza Khan

Students buy tickets form the school store and then buy food and drinks from each club in attendance with the tickets.

Last week, September 19th Cesar Chavez Titans had a Throwdown with all the clubs at school.

A little something about what our Throwdown is that when the clubs at our school sell food, drinks, and desserts to raise money for their club itself.

Some clubs that were their was Mecha, CAST, TLC, Poly, Trading Card/Gaming, Skills USA, and Graphic Design. The food that was sold this year varied from club to club. The options for the 2019 Throwdown included Churros, Chow Mein, Snow Cones, Fried Rice, and much more.

Overall there were 32 clubs that made up the Chavez Throwdown for this year. Last years event sold 7,000 tickets while we saw this years results rise to 9,000 tickets. The ticket sales resulted in a total of 4500 dollars being raised from all the clubs together. Student Sofia Linsangan, an officer for the Filipino and Poly Club, explained that they, “…sold Taro and Spam Subi.” She also added that, “We did very well and raised a lot of money for our club.” The Filipino and Poly clubs will be using their money for performances and costumes.

Another student Lynette Seng, an officer for TLC club sold Thai Tea and was very successful with raising money. Lynnette stated, “…that they will be using their money for performances, costumes, and t- shirts.” Even the teachers had a great time at the Throwdown such as Mrs.Rivera whose favorite part was, “The egg rolls from Hmong Club.”

The outcome of this years Throwdown overall was a success. They sold more tickets than they did any other year and raised a huge amount of money. Many students and teachers had a great time and will be there again for the following years.