Titan Cafe


The Titan Cafe is a CCHS mainstay of the G building. It has been a part of Chavez since almost the beginning. Students work the cafe and prepare food for teachers for both lunch and breakfast.

How the titan cafe started:

Mrs. Monroe is a well known person on campus as the cross country coach and the lady in charge of the Titan Cafe. Here at the Oracle we visited the Titan Cafe to see how it works and why she started the titan cafe. We started with Mrs. Monroe, the founder of the Cafe, to ask questions about how the cafe got started. Mrs. Monroe stated, ” We wanted students to learn work ethic and real life skills. We wanted to provide something for staff at the school, while knowing that teachers are often busy during their lunch periods.” Often times teachers struggle to go out and get lunch when they get only 30 minutes as well, but often times are bombarded with questions and need for help from students during this 30 minute window. Because the time is not enough for CCHS staff members to go out and get lunch Mrs. Monroe started the Titan Cafe in order to assist teachers with their day. 

Orders and money in titan cafe:

Currently it is staff only that are allowed to place orders at the Titan Cafe. Daily the cafe receives at least fifty orders. Mrs. Monroe clarified that, “Most orders are not meals they’re mainly snacks like coffee, chips, candy, muffins and cookies.” Having fifty orders a day is not terrible as a lot of them are already prepared. The other orders that take time are often prepped for first thing in the morning.

Keeping tracks of orders isn’t easy either, but the staff in the Titan Cafe have always handled it. Profits made from the Titan Cafe mainly go to the materials that are needed in the class like ingredients, hairnets, utensils, etc. Mrs. Monroe states, ” We make $160 on full days and $100 on half days.” Which is pretty impressive because this is mainly from staff that order from the Titan Cafe. Whatever leftover money that there is then goes to the students in the form of a class BBQ. . The type of money wouldn’t been made if wasn’t for CCHS staff members ordering from the Titan Cafe daily.