Q & A With a Titan Today

Where in the world would you like to get lost and why?


We go out and ask students and staff their thoughts on burning questions.

Erika Torres and Irlanda Aranda

Freshman – Alexis Vargas




“I would get lost in Hawaii because there is lots of natural surroundings which would include a new lifestyle that can change the way a person is.”





Sophomore – Lesli Corona




“I would like to get lost in New York because most of the people there speak English and I would be able to ask questions and there is also many sight seeing places where I could have some fun.”






Junior – Emely Herrera




“I would get lost in Spain because I love the scenery and I would like to learn more about the culture.”







Senior – Erik Sandoval



“I would like to get lost in Hawaii because its really nice and it has beaches and also fruit that I can eat.”