Q & A With a Titan Today

What school subject do you always have a good grade in and how do you maintain it?


We go out and ask students and staff their thoughts on burning questions.


Freshman – Justin Torres




“In PE. I maintain it by running constantly and doing any physical activities we’re doing that day.”






Sophomore – Jayla Baltrip




“I always have a good grade in my English classes because I stay on top of my work and make sure I don’t have any missing assignments.”







Junior – Catelyn Saechao





“Avid is one of the subjects that I always have a good grade in. I maintain my grade in this by making sure that I turn my binder check in every week and have good quality notes.”







Senior – Nathalie Osorio





“It was always any science class and I would just do all my work, study, and always checked my grade.”