Absences & Tardies a Counterpoint

Cesar Chavez High School has a new rule for the 2018-19 school year. This year if you have the equivalent to 13 absences you are not allowed to go to prom or any other school wide events. Three unexcused tardies equals one absence. This rule was only applied to the 2nd term of the school year. While most students at Chavez don’t like this rule, there are positive outcomes to this rule. Because of this rule there have been more students coming on time to school and on time to all their classes. Now because of going to class more often, students will be able to get a better education which in turn will lead to a successful life in the future.

Many people have many questions about this rule regarding absences and tardies and now we have answers. In past years at Cesar Chavez High School we were able to make up absences and tardies through detention hours. This in turn would allow us to go school events, such as prom, arguable the biggest event of any high schooler. In the year 2019 we are no longer able to do that. This has occurred because the administration at CCHS has become fed up with all the truant students who don’t follow school rules, but still manage to attend school prom. As one of the vice principals Mr.Cobb said, “If you would go to school and go to class you shouldn’t have a problem with having to worry about going to prom or not.”

Also new to this year is the ability to go off campus for lunch. At Cesar Chavez High School off campus lunch is available for the people that have little to no tardies and absences. Many people also complain about this rule, but if you come to school on time and go to class on time you wouldn’t have to worry about not going off campus for lunch.

Prom at Cesar Chavez High School is also a big event. Juniors and Seniors look forward to it every year. This year is different with prom, you are not allowed to attend if you have 13 absences and tardies with no exceptions. However, if you are on time everyday to school and class then you won’t have to worry about be excluded, even if your GPA barely registers on any scale.