Suicide Squads Newest Member

James Gunn and the Suicide Squad

James Gunn and the Suicide Squad

David Garcia

 The Suicide Squad is mainly known for being a band of assassins, cold-hearted killers, and psychotic maniacs all hired by Argus leader Amanda Waller to work as expendable soldiers in the field. This group happened to gain a movie in 2016  produced by Warner Bros. Pictures and directed by David Ayer. A new movie is scheduled for these criminals and may possibly being directed by a man known for being a Guardian of the Galaxy.

James Gunn, the director who used to work for Marvel and Disney, was fired just over a month ago due to inappropriate tweets he had made almost a decade ago. Gunn was working on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 at the time of his firing which affected the entire project while also leaving Gunn without work. That is when DC swooped in and decided that Gunn was more useful to work for them. Now he is confirmed to write and possibly direct the second Suicide Squad movie. Fans, DC, and the actors are all excited except for one laughing psychopath, Batman’s greatest enemy. In the first Suicide Squad a new Joker was introduced by Jared Leto as the clown prince of crime. However, Gunn and Leto are not on good terms due to a tweet Gunn retweeted where Gunn had made an inappropriate joke towards Leto’s online and offline  relationships.

Despite the bad tension between Leto and Gunn all is set that Gunn will be the Suicide Squads newest member. Even rumors have stated that Dave Bautista (Drax the Destroyer) has been wanting to have a role to be able to work with Gunn again and might play the man who broke the batman; Bane.