Suicide Prevention Line


Suicide prevention is sweeping through Cesar Chavez High School. The bottom of the E building is decorated with preventive tips and hotlines spearheaded by social studies teacher, Mr. Azevedo. The project started as a classroom discussion lead by students in his advisory period.  It was a normal home room day and his class wanted to do something that could help out people who needed help. So they came up with the idea to make a Suicide Prevention Line for school. Mr. Azevedo stated,”we wanted to do something that really means something.” Students came up with the idea and then began making many posters that are now hanging around the classroom and around school as well.

The posters gives facts about suicide, as well as reasons for depression among teenagers.  The posters around campus also give the Suicide Prevention Lifeline number if needed for yourself or for friends. The helpline is 1-800-273-8255 if you ever need to call it. It is a great thing for the students to do something like this for people who are thinking about suicide, the posters also help with the tips given for students suffering through their teenage years. the point of the project is to let teens know that they people should never think about something like this and are not alone. Mr. Azevedo’s home room is doing great things for CCHS student’s futures and hopefully more schools will begin following suit.