Natural Disasters


The year of 2017 is a year that people will struggle to forget. It was the year of natural disasters that happened around the world. Natural disasters such as tornadoes, earthquakes, and hurricanes decimated parts of the United States and North America. The ones that did the most damage and left people without homes are the ones that will be the focus of this article. 

One of the biggest disasters that happened in 2017 was the earthquake that happened in Mexico. The earthquake was on the 20th of September 2017. It had a magnitude of 7.1. The earthquake killed more than 200 people. Before that earthquake there had been little earthquakes multiple times a day. the results of the 7.1 earthquake was a death toll of 370 people while more than 6000 people were injured. 

Another big disaster that occurred was the Hurricane named Irma that hit USA and the Caribbean. The hurricane was a category 5 storm. It was the most powerful Atlantic storm in more than a decade and caused widespread destruction across the Caribbean winds were stronger than 130 mph. The whole state of Florida felt it. More than 3 million in Florida and the Caribbean lost power and still to this day some people do not have power.

This next one is a hurricane that was the strongest and worst one that has ever hit Texas. The name of the hurricane is Hurricane Harvey. The hurricane was a category 4 the winds went up to almost 130 mph. the main areas that were the most affected were Texas and Louisiana. It was so bad that when everything was over it left 125 billion dollars in destruction. Houses, businesses, and lives of Texans and Louisianans. Texas received more than 40 inches of water in 4 days and over the week at least 68 inches, causing major floods and destruction. There has been 108 deaths confirmed and thousands injured.

There have been multiple natural disaster in 2017. There have been large mudslides and earthquakes and big storms and much more. Those 3 disaster were the most deadly ones of the year. Those are the ones that will always be remembered and people will have trouble forgetting about that. One thing that the public population can do to be safer during natural disasters is to create a safety disaster kit. Typical kits should consist of water, non-perishable, and more. Kits can be purchased or created. For a list of what is recommended in a disaster kit please visit