Juniors bringing back Ragtime

CCHS spirit week!

Dress to impress

— Martin Ha

Jazz is back!! Cesar Chavez  High School is having their annual spirit week to build up spirit for our homecoming game against Kennedy. On Thursday, September 19, we are having genre day for each class. The juniors class genres is jazz.

“It’s a fundimental and cool way for my class to dress classy.” said Ieda Torio.

Jazz can bring out a different side of people. It can bring out the formal side of the students , thats why jazz is a good choice for a spirit day. The point of jazz is for the students to dress formal with a suit and tie for the guys and dresses for the girls , so they can show off their fancy side. The juniors can express themselves in a way they can show off their good looks.

“Dressing up formal is not my thing but having jazz as our theme is unique because the formal look stands out from the other genres,” said Martin Acob.

Jazz is different from the other genres because of its formality and its deepness to the soul. Its different from the genres because the other genres have to dress up like a totally different person. For jazz , you dress up like a fancy outfit that matches your personality.

“I think it’s cool that we get dress up all fancy for a day and pretend we’re in a different decade,” said Alicia Eam.

Some students are not really into the spirit of dressing up, but they still think it’s cool that their genre is different from others. Dressing up for the jazz genre is not really hard to dress up but the fact that they have to look nice and its going to be hot at school or they might get it dirty, makes student wonder if they want to dress up or not to.