Why do you wear school colors?

Wearing our school colors

Many students here at Cesar Chavez High School, enjoy showing school spirit, especially on homecoming week. The easiest day is Friday when we wear our school colors. A lot of students love making shirts for this very special occasion, they like showing our school spirit.

“I want to dress up because Chavez  needs to show spirit,” said Nashma Robles, senior, “and we need to show others how good we are.”  Robles looked very excited to dress in her school colors for homecoming. She is an active member in student government, so she wants to do what ever she could to support our school.

Looking around at other students here at Chavez, we could see that many students enjoy wearing the colors and representing our school on this very special day. I have seen many students with their home made shirts and tutus. A lot of students have numbers on their shirts representing the football players. Most of our students here at Chavez are wearing either black, white, or gold, some have all three colors, many just black and white.

When asked, do you enjoy representing your school?

Brianna Adames senior said, “Yeah because, so people could know Chavez has spirit.” Today Brianna is wearing her home made shirt that had CCHS Titans on the front of it. And later she will wear her dance shirt which is white and gold.

We asked Katrina Quevedo, a senior,  if she’s only dressing for extra credit or points. Her response, “No, I’m doing it because my outfit is going to look cute, and I want to show school spirit.” Quevedo is an active member in our school, she is president of Mecha club, and enjoys doing her part for our school.

Our students here at Cesar Chavez High school love homecoming and representing our school and team. They show it by wearing black, white, and gold. We are a united school.