Homecoming fever is spreading like wildfire!

Let’s go Titans, let’s go! It’s Spirit Week! Are you ready for Homecoming?

With Homecoming right around the corner, there’s a lot of excitement and school spirit. There are school events and activities to build up everyone’s spirit, such as Retro/Neon Day, Celebritiy Day, Hippie Day, Genre Day, and Chavez Day. Some students are taking advantage of Spirit Week to get individual points and points for their grade (9th, 10th, etc.). However, some things don’t change, like the prestigious homecoming court.

Homecoming Court is the campaign and election of Homecoming King and Queen. Students get into the hustle and bustle of Homecoming by participating in the annual election of Homecoming Court, although, for some students, it may be difficult to decide who to vote for!

“I’m really confused who to vote because everyone is awesome!” Crystal Guan, a supporter of one of the candidates, said.

However, deep down, she seemed to know just who to vote for after all.  “I think Cristen should win because she’s a hard-worker, she treats everything really seriously, she’s involved in a lot of things, and she’s good at all of them.”

After speaking with a couple of candidates, we discovered that most of them probably have the purpose of spreading the names of their somewhat unknown clubs, and were also nominated by that club.

“I was nominated by Orchestra, and I’m representing them and trying to get their name out there,” Cris Reyes, one of the three candidates for Homecoming King, said. “I’m just trying to get involved.”

Elaine Ho, a candidate in the running for Homecoming Queen, said,” I was nominated. I feel like I’m representing Key Club, because of the status quo. Usually, cheerleaders and stuff run for Homecoming Queen. Most people don’t know about Key Club.”

When asked about how they felt about participating in the election for the honored titles, Cris said,” It’s a pretty cool experience… It’s pretty time-consuming.”

It feels weird, like everyone stares at me, but it’s pretty exciting.

— Elaine Ho

After all the aniticipation of Homecoming, it’s finally here! No more rummaging through our closets for the perfect outfit/costume for Spirit week, no more waiting for one of the most important football games of the year, and no more voting for Homecoming Court. Now, the question is, who will be Homecoming King and Queen?