Chavez varsity wins football game

Homcoming week ends with convincing win over Kennedy High School.

We will do great and I will lead my team to victory.

— jermine william

Chavez football team is anxious to play this homcoming game and hold their place as a dominate team like last year. Last year we didnt have a field to play on and now that we have a new field I feel that the Chavez football team will; do their best to win this game and that noting else mattesr other then that to win the game.

Even the coaching staff is fired up for the game as head coach John Ward. When asked what he was doing to preparing for this game he replied, “Working day in and day out. ” Simple as that, the team is giving it their all to make sure they’re ready to make an upset for the opposing team.

Knowing that it’s our last year playing football for Chavez, we feel that we should all leave it all out on the field. The coaches would have to drag every player off the field.This homcoing shall be set a part from all the rest as it is the first homcoming in the new football field. This will be historical and be forever engraved in the hearts of these young people.

Talking to one of the key players, Jermaine William II, about what he thought the out come of the game would be, he replied simply, “Shut out. ”

The most challening thing about the game is that the players try not to get hurt in the game like the home opener.