Littering problem plagues Cesar Chavez High School

Trash issue caused by student’s neglect of campus.


Chavez cafeteria room after Lunch A (Freddy Garcia)

STOCKTON, CA – Recently there have been prominent littering and trash problems afflicting Cesar Chavez High School’s campus, which many believe is due to the carelessness of students.

There has been a noticeable rise in students being senseless about their trash after eating lunch. The problem is more recognizable after lunch in the cafeteria or on the outside benches and tables. Students eating on the tables will be seen not being courteous in throwing away their trash. In addition to that, students could be seen senselessly throwing trash onto the floor with no shame. The problem is not only during lunch, but trash could be seen accumulating on the tennis courts, the football field, and even classrooms. 

When asked about their awareness of the trash problem on campus, Chavez student Emily Vazquez responded “I was aware of the trash problem, because around passing period and during lunch, there would be wrappers and trash on the floor and on benches.” 

This is just one of the thousands of students who witness this problem every day. 

“It made me feel disgusted towards people thinking that’s okay,” she added. 

Custodians cleaning neglected eating areas after Lunch B (Freddy Garcia)

Another student, Rafael Morales shares his opinion on the matter, stating “It can create a negative atmosphere in our community and trash gives the school a bad image” which goes to show that many students are well aware of the issue.

“Before, Chavez was more strict [on trash and littering]” says former Chavez student Yuri Esparza.  This statement indicates that the problem has gradually progressed over time. Students have not strived to increase the quality of the school by being more remorseful and weary of trash and its effects.

Littering has always been a big issue in the United States. Schools are the last place where people would want trash laying around. Excessive trash can lead to detrimental effects on the campus, its students, and the environment surrounding it. Flies, insects, and rodents find perfect breeding grounds where there is a lot of trash accessible to them. A great deterrent to these inevitable problems would be to dispose of any trash in its rightful place. Littering also burdens our custodial staff, who already works very hard to maintain sanitary conditions on campus.

One student, Jenny Dong suggests “There should be clubs that volunteer to help our custodians out around the school. People should also advocate for the cleanliness of our school by putting up signs around eating areas and other places around campus as well.” 

A move like the one this student suggested may very well be a huge improvement for Chavez.