University of Michigan’s Biggest Fan


An article about gruno: 

University of Michigan’s Biggest Fan


To describe Gruno would have to be simple as it is complicated. If someone asked me to describe him in a sentence, I’d say, “He’s been the most reliable human being I have ever met.” But ask me to describe him in three words and you’d have me on mute. And it’s all because I think he’s a little bit of everything, but with that everything, know that he stays honest. He’s both nice and mean, funny but corny, a lover but also a fighter, etc. 

My first experience with Gruno started with my first day of freshman year. Now I always bring up that I was in his Journalism class my freshman year and he’d pretend that he knows what I’m talking about but I’m pretty sure he does not remember. But from my point of view, it was my first day of high school, I knew nothing about what buildings, and I was filled with major anxiety. I was so lucky to have had such a good teacher to introduce me here. Since he was my first period teacher at the time, he was the reason I saw Cesar Chavez as upbeat and fun. Sooner or later that reputation I had for Chavez did change but for Gruno? No. Since the minute I met him, he stayed positive and reliable. 

I came back to Journalism my senior year and got to be one of “Gruno’s kids” again. The beginning of senior year, I felt settled. My biggest goal was to at least pass my classes and graduate. Since I had a 2.5 gpa, I felt okay to go to a community college and just transfer to a University. Eventually, a month into senior year, my visions and my goals changed. I wanted to want for more and reach for higher. I wanted to explore and find myself. When bringing it up to my counselor, I was told I’d have no chance from a University and a little from a CSU. I went on to agree. Due to my GPA, I gave up my chances of going to a 4-year. Little after that talk, I came to Gruno and I told him what I wanted to do and what I was told. He quickly stepped in and got to work. He wanted copies of my transcripts, brainstormed up a plan, and told me to start working on CyberHigh. He never lied to me and straight up told me it was going to be hard. But he also never told me to give up or go for lower expectations.

And now, Mar 2, 2022, I am sitting on a 3.15 GPA and getting acceptance letters from all of the colleges I’ve applied to. I also got accepted to my dream University, University of California, Merced. From the bottom of my heart: Thank you, Gruno.



Sincerely, your actual favorite student,