Why you should consider community college

As society and technology evolves, the demand for education has increased over the years to accommodate a wide variety of ever-changing careers. To achieve such education, one must attend college, however some frown at the option of selecting a community college instead of immediately attending a four-year university.  Sadly too many people are unaware of the option that community colleges offer a transfer route from their school into a four-year university.

Community colleges can still achieve and exceed the same effect for their students just as a four-year university would and at a better price even. Students would fare better, in the long term for their career, when selecting community college, as it is not only an accessible and affordable option to attend, but it also provides a better college experience.

When pondering about a career and education, the most essential skills to have is learning and flexibility which community colleges provide greatly and supportively. A four-year university is rigid in structure and schedules that they expect you to perform on their high bar of standard swiftly. To the experienced, well-prepared, and adaptable students, this culture will be slightly difficult. To brand new and fresh high school graduates that didn’t take any opportunity to be prepared for a university, especially from being used to a high school environment that contrasts heavily with colleges, those students would more than likely be ill-prepared and pressured to quit.

Community college sets the bar exponentially higher than standard high school but slightly lower than a four-year university, but their sets of lectures and education within their classes are also on par with courses that are provided in a four-year university. Classes are a lot smaller and have a diverse variety to insert onto students’ schedules which gives an opportunity for students to have more personalized support from teachers and levitate their struggle in time management and college demands for other pressuring needs such as part-time jobs or caring for another relative.

Typical community college students are offered many services and program to help with their education goal or resolve a cultural and familial issue that may hinder their education, which is especially beneficial for those who utilize the articulation agreements to better prepare for a higher university standard that would’ve pressured them to burnout and quit. It is also cost-effective for those who didn’t achieve well academically in SAT or in other required fields that a four-year university demands. A community college will be flexible towards your education as well as your experience attending one.

At a young and ripe age in a responsible and harsh world, young adults are still developing their personal identity and brain, but community college can be the perfect seedbed to accelerate that growth and self-discovery. Community college is unconditionally available to everyone which you’ll find many independent first-time individuals doing anything that their passions desire from a film to a medical study.

Liz Addison, a biologist graduate who attended Southern Maine Community College, emphasizes how crucial community college provides in self-discovery for students. In Two Years Are Better Than Four, Addison states that “The community college experience is more critical to the nation than that of former beatnik types who, lest we forget, did not change the world. The community colleges of America cover this country college by college and community by community. They offer a network of affordable future, of accessible hope, and an option to dream.”

The wide availability of local community colleges changes and molds students on a better and foreseeable future. It gives enough resources to students to participate and utilize their independence to discover their passion while also remaining them for the future with the individual’s ambitions firmly grasp as it was nurtured and supported by their community college.

If you consider your local community college, there’s no doubt that there’s an arsenal amount of support, services, and program to aid your ambitions and education for the future. Community college is a stepping stone with many affordable opportunity paths and flexibility for students to easily reach while still leaving room for learning and further hope to dream on. It’s a place of many self-discovering young adults that can easily relate to one another passions and goals which provides a large awaiting discovery of many friends and first-time individuals. Attend a community college for that you’ll have the best college experience nurtured and supported by its flexibility and welcoming philosophy of accepting all.