Three Webtoons Originals to Read for Your Action Packing Need

2020 was certainly a drought year for entertainment media especially the action-orientated genre. Without Marvel to flash its big, bang, boom stories and DC taking a step forward and two steps back with their movies, it’s hardly a year to remember other than the disaster of humanity from all around. However, Webtoon, a free app that allows Korean manhwa and many other Western comics to congregate in one place to be read for free without any major catch, was strangely consistent throughout 2020. They uploaded many of their original comics without much delay and have introduced a variety of new comics with different artists in that same time span. Because of that, here are three ongoing Webtoon Originals that can hook your action-orientated taste buds without a dull time.

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Teenage Mercenary
Hero Killer
Omniscient Reader

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