Are we talking about climate change enough?


In the state of California, our climate is changing drastically. Within the last century, southern California has warmed about 3 degrees. Our snow is melting earlier in the spring not allowing for runoff to even be collected, and heat waves are becoming more and more common. More than 33% of California is in a drought. And what are we doing as a school and community to help change it? 

As a school, not much. We have no school-issued recycling bins anywhere for the students to use, except for the one in the teacher’s lounge. Students though are not allowed into that area.  

The only type of recycling we have in Cesar Chavez high school is any recycling things that teachers put in their classrooms themselves. 

Why don’t we have recycling bins available to the students? In an interview with Mrs.Jackson when asked “Do you think that as a school and community we are doing enough to help change climate change?” and in her response, she said, “…those services aren’t provided to us. So that’s an example of, It’s not about not wanting to do it. It’s just not feasible”.  

When the topic of a club or program to recycle was brought up in the interview, she agreed and stated “If somebody were to start a green earth club and do the recycling. Heck yeah [we] can do that”.

One of the many other steps that you can take to help stop climate change is to eat less meat and dairy. The reason for that is because around 14.5% of global greenhouse gasses account for cows in the dairy and meat industry.

Our climate is also changing drastically due to the number of wildfires in the state of California. In California, there is an average of four to seven wildfires occurring each year. Wildfires are helping change the climate drastically, due to wildfires releasing huge quantities of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. 

Wildfires also affect the environment and communities more than most of us know. For instance, most wildfires destroy homes, habitats, wildlife, and it is polluting the air. To prevent wildfires you should check the weather and drought conditions, carefully put out any smoking materials, and obey local laws regarding open fires (including campfires).

Do your part and help prevent climate change. You should simply start by recycling more, eating less meat and dairy, and respecting and protecting green spaces.