Officer Jimmy Inn


On Tuesday, May 11th, Officer Jimmy Inn was tragically shot while on duty. He left behind his kids and his wife who is also a member of the police force. Many members of our community were devastated to hear what had happened and have paid their respects. A car show was held in his honor on May 16th and a procession with over 500 cars was held for him on the 12th. Some McDonalds in Stockton has decided to help out his family as well. 

McDonalds stated they would donate ALL of the money they made from fry purchases and would be giving it to Jimmy Inn’s family. Below are the ones that participated in this fundraiser: Update:($50,000.00 was raised for the family from one day of Fry sales from Stockton McDonalds)

  • 4515 Pacific Avenue, Stockton CA
  • 1009 N Wilson Way, Stockton CA
  • 8020 Lower Sacramento Road, Stockton CA
  • 3143 W Benjamin Holt Drive, Stockton CA
  • 1423 N Center Street, Stockton CA
  • 4419 E Waterloo Road, Stockton CA 
  • 1049 E March Lane, Stockton CA 
  • 3355 E Hammer Lane, Stockton CA 
  • 2415 W Hammer Lane, Stockton CA
  • 322 S. Center Street, Stockton CA 
  • 2025 W March Lane, Stockton CA 
  • 10623 Trinity Parkway, Stockton CA 
  • 611 W Charter Way, Stockton CA 

If you bought fries on the 14th at one of these locations, you were one of many who helped out Jimmy Inn’s family during this difficult time. The San Joaquin Asparagus Days also wanted to help the family out by donating $1 for every admissions ticket that they sold from Thursday to Sunday. So far, they have raised over $80,000 for his family. If you or someone you know wishes to donate as well, you can click the link below. 

Fund a Hero Archive – PORAC 

If you didn’t already know, Officer Inn was a mainstay on our campus. He would oftentimes be found out in the lunch quad talking to students and making sure everyone was doing well. Cesar Chavez High School will be holding a 2 minute moment of silence during 3rd period at the main quad. If you wish to pay respects, let your teacher know and it will start around 10:10.