Artist recommendations to cheer a day

Art can make us subconsciously think and feel emotions in ways words cannot. In today’s landscape, art can be easily accessible from a quick Google search of a cat sketch to a dedicated art website filled with many new and talented artists. For this article, I have scoured Twitter and gathered three skilled artists that would perhaps humor you with their work and introduce you to a different style that you have never seen before.


Diva is the first we will look at. Nuns, ducks, and storming chaos are drawn all over Diva’s work of art. Although Diva doesn’t tweet nor explain any of the artwork, we are left with our own interpretations with a single caption of what happened, and it’s usually whacky.

Diva posts daily at 9 AM PST on the dot with a new event that happens to our main cast of young nuns. All the characters aren’t officially named as of yet but they are distinguishable by their actions and reactions that synergize with the other characters without a single dialogue given.

Diva also has a knack for hiding small details in the foreground of the art that function like easter eggs of previous art posts from weeks prior. Since Diva posts daily, all the art posts are connected that it forms a continuous storyline and we’re only taking a peek at the nuns’ slice of life.


The second artist we will look at is JennyGin2. Sleek, consistency, and fun are what JennyGin2 can offer in their artworks. If you’re currently a fan of Demon Slayer or Genshin Impact, then this Korean artist is like sweet candy with sticky sugar for you to enjoy as JennyGin2 draws quick doodles of characters in a unique style of clothing along with a fitting background.

JennyGin2 posts every other day, but it comes in batches of four art pieces with one or two, or if we’re lucky, three characters in each piece. The artist also used to create other anime-like art such as Final Fantasy and Nier Automata in the past two years.


The last artist we are going to look at is Lyy. Straightforward, wholesome, and lighthearted is Lyy’s main attribute in ruffling with your heart in her artwork. It’s a mix between a snappy dialogue-less story and an upfront & direct showcase of characters.

Lyy posts every week in one to three continuous batches that form a comic. Unlike Diva, there’s no storyline to follow other than a contained story that follows up itself in the reply section to lean into the joke it made in the main post. The characters change their appearances once in a while like being a child or having cat-like features or both.