An era of change – Returning to ‘in person’ at CCHS

Back to School Return Plans


As more and more people each day get vaccinated, the majority of places are beginning to open up. One of those many places is schools, whether it be an elementary school or high school. Because of the Corona Virus, things will not be the same once we physically return back to school. There are new plans and rules set in place once we all safely return to school.

Returning Chavez students might be used to entering any gate of their choice, but as we go back we will be following a one-way-in, one-way-out procedure. Directional orange stickers will be placed all throughout the floors of Chavez to help guide students and staff to their destination. As well, you will see many signs reminding you to stay 6 feet away from one another and to keep your masks on at all times for safety measures. You will have to come to school wearing your mask properly but if you do not have one the school will supply you with a mask. Anyone who refuses to wear a mask will not be allowed onto the campus. 

Continuing on with the one-way-in, one-way-out procedure, the way we enter and exit all buildings will be revised. For the first floor of A building, the doors facing the gates, D, and E building will be used for entering only. The doors that face C and B are to be used only for exiting A building. To enter the second floor of A building you are to use the front door of the career center and exit the doors that face C and B buildings. If you have classes on the third floor of A building you will use the inside stairs to enter your class. Depending on your class you will exit from either the north side or south side of A building. 

If you have classes in B building you will enter on the west side. If you have Ms. Soria you will enter between science rooms and to exit you will use the back door of B building. Others who have a class first floor of B will have their own door to exit from. The second floor of B will enter through the west side doors and exit using the east side doors.

Both floors of C and D building will enter using their south side of the building and use their north side of the building to exit. 

As for E building, students will be using the east end to enter and exit the building from the west end. 

The left side of F building will be entering by the north end and exit using room F116. The right side of the F building will enter using the south side and exit by the bathrooms. 

South hall of G building, students shall enter using the south end and exit by the bathrooms. If you have a class on the north end, you will enter through the south end and exit through the west end.

Everyone will enter M wing through the gates right next to the parking lot and everyone will exit through the back of the gym through the gates of the tennis courts. 

Desks in classrooms are set up six feet apart and hand sanitizer will be placed out throughout classes. Additionally, classrooms will be provided with water to limit the number of students at water fountains. 

Change during a time like this is inevitable but as time goes on this will become normal to us Titans. If you have further interest in the back-to-school return plans feel free to read this