COVID-19 Vaccine


We can agree that 2020 has been one tragic, hopeless year. A year filled with sickness and guns. A year that has put millions of people in debt, depression, and even death.

With a whopping number of 1.45 million deaths worldwide caused by COVID-19, life overall has changed. Masks are now required everywhere you go. School is now attended online. Everyone must stay 6 feet apart and keep physical contact to a minimum. 

There are many safety precautions, but for good reason. The virus is spread from respiratory droplets. What this means is that you should be highly cautious when it comes to coughing, sneezing, and talking to anyone out in public.

It’s been awhile since we first began living in quarantine. There are some who believe that the virus is fake, which in my opinion is the most foolish theory. Hundreds of thousands of mothers, fathers, and even grandparents have died. This isn’t a theory. These are facts.

So when exactly will quarantine be over? When will public schools and business begin opening up again? Will we always live in constant fear of catching COVID? 

Maybe there is hope. According to the Department of Health, there are several vaccines in development. Testings of the vaccine began in June and July of 2020, a year before its expected completion. This is a good thing. At least that’s what you’d think. Many people are raged at the idea of taking the vaccine in order to go back into public spaces, especially schools. 

Why exactly are people getting so upset? One reason is because of the ‘short time frame’ that the vaccine is expected to be completed. Many people are also suspicious about what is being put into the vaccine. Now look, I completely understand the concerns with the upcoming vaccine, but I don’t entirely agree with them.

The vaccines created for the flu and polio were invented no later than the 1960’s. This was an ENTIRELY different time than what we live in now. A time when transplant surgeries were barely being discovered. Now, we have insanely better knowledge, technology, and statistics. In fact we have never lived in such an advanced time period before. Thus, explains how it would be much quicker and easier to uncover a vaccine for COVID.

Something that I’m most confused about is the fact that now everyone wants to be concerned about what they’re taking. What about the prescription pills or over the counter medications that are being sold to 40% of Americans? Do you care to check the safety on those? 

The bottom line is that all we can do is wait. So before you get upset about a vaccine that isn’t even fully finished being developed, do your research and keep in mind that the future RELIES on this upcoming vaccine. It will either make or break us. At the end of the day, all we can do is stay at home, wear masks, social distance, and wait a while longer.