Everyone can agree that 2020 has been a pretty hectic year for all of us. Which is why Cesar Chavez High School has made a new holiday across our campus and community called ‘Titansgiving!’ This wonderful idea came from one of our new teachers.

If you don’t know who she is, Mrs. Fast is one of our new teachers who is currently teaching the Get Focused, Stay Focused class. 

She has realized that times haven’t been the best for people, so she was inspired to spread some positivity and encourage students to do the same.

Titans can celebrate Titansgiving! in many different ways. Ideas can be to make notes and give them to a family or friend, mow lawns, donate food, clothing and anything else in between. Afterwards you have a choice of filling out a form about what you did and if you want to share your story. So far there have been over 200 responses and stories about what Titans have done to spread positivity!


Examples of Chavez Community Members celebrating Titansgiving!:

  • “I cleaned the house, cooked for my grandma, and helped out my cousin.”
  • “For two of my giving back experiences, I watched my little sisters after getting off of work since my Mom is currently in the hospital. Then for my third giving back experience, I helped my aunt refill her prescriptions as she does not know how to speak English.”
  • “Telling a random person happy birthday.”
  • “Helped my mom with extra things around the house because her ankle is sprained.”
  • “I sent a nice email to my 7th grade teacher yesterday.”
  • “I cleaned the whole house without anyone asking me.  :)”
  • “CCHS staff gave over $1200 collectively to families in need for the Holidays.”
  • “I gave my mom a pair of shoes to thank her for everything she has done for me and gotten for me.”
  • “I intervened in an altercation between my coworker and a rude customer. I stood up for them just as they stood up for me before.”
  • “Gave away some change around $20 to a homeless person.”
  • “Since my mom always comes home very exhausted from work, I sometimes cook for the family and also help my sister with homework.”


Here’s the link if you choose to share what you have done for Titansgiving!