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Erika Torres and Jennifer Landin

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Here at Cesar Chavez, we are not only thankful for our hardworking staff, but also for our committed Titan students. We have recently discovered that a student named, Joshua Saenz came to the rescue of another fellow Titan peer after Mr. Jimenez struggled in assisting her.

There was a student in Mr. Jiminez’s class that was indecisive between taking a Delta Health class and Algebra Honors 2 class next term. Both classes are only offered during 4th period second term. Mr. Jimenez was unsure of what advice to give the kid in helping them with their decision. That is when a young Cesar Chavez student with no cape emerged, Joashua Saenz.

Joshua took it upon himself to talk to the young lady about her options for another twenty minutes or more. Mr. Jimenez gladly stated, “I just thought it was really awesome of him, and to see that a younger student was having trouble making a school decision and he utilized his knowledge to try and help her out!” And yes, Joshua Saenz successfully did. This makes total sense considering he co-runs the club Community Chavez with Bladimir Centeno-Rodriguez, whose mission is to help students gain college, career, and volunteer information. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, Cesar Chavez has the most eager to please and supportive Titans. 

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