New Principal, New Cameras, and  New Year


This school year of 2017/2018 at Cesar Chavez High School invites a new principal, Mrs. Jackson and with that she brings with her preventive discipline resources. She has been part of the Stockton Unified School District for almost 17 years. Before teaching she worked at the Juvenile Detention Center, and while working there she noticed it was too late for students to get an education at that point in their lives. At that point Mrs. Jackson decided that she wanted to become a teacher in order to help the kids at an earlier stage.

Mrs. Jackson stated that she was comfortable at CCHS and had always enjoyed the campus atmosphere. “I like Chavez High School because I already knew the families and kids from Peyton Elementary. It was also a natural transition, and I already knew some of the teachers from Fremont.¨

Our new principal has outlined district policies for us to follow.

The policies consist of:

  • Cell phones are not to be used during school hours.
  • IDs MUST be around studentś necks at all times.
  • Dress code (NO ROYAL BLUE OR RED)
  • During fire drills students will line up at their designated location and await teachers roll.
  • Students needing to use the bathroom on campus will also recieve bathroom escorts.

Not only did she bring herself and her disciplinary rules she also brought with her new working 360° HD cameras. Her goal for the cameras was to help reduce the fire alarms and truancy around campus. As many of you guys know, fire drills were pulled between 4-5 times a day. The added cameras will also allow school personnel to see who is responsible for on-campus concerns.

Mrs. Hughes, an AVID and English Honors teacher, thinks that the cameras are fantastic and long overdue, however students will get the message. Her thoughts about the implied discipline was only one word, “PHENOMENAL!”

As the school year has started many have complained regarding the cameras and their needs, but this will not stop our Principal from making this school a safe campus for all of us. 360 degree cameras will allow school personnel to see clearer who is involved in incidents on campus. The camera allows them to see from every possible angle when something occurs on campus. Finger crossed that this year will be a renewed year.