Why Selling Food is a No-No

Why Selling Food is a No-No

In the California food code, competitive food is not allowed. Competitive food is considered, “ a food or beverage which is sold to a student on campus during the school day and isn’t part of federal reimbursable meal program. The CDE, California Department of Education, states that all criteria must be met in order for it to be considered a competitive food.

According to the CDE, sold means the exchange of food or beverages for money, vouchers, coupons, or any type of currency. A school campus means all areas of property. A school day is from midnight to thirty minutes after the official school day ends. Therefore the only way you could sell on campus is if you sell after school when everyone is gone.

However, state and federal laws do not apply to foods given away. So when students run for Homecoming court, it is allowed. They are giving away food in order to get more votes.

The CSM’s around campus pretty much agree that they do not completely agree with the law but the must enforce the law. They also believe selling food on campus can be a disturbance to classes.   

Domingo, CSM, said just this year he had caught 15 people this year, which has been the highest record among the CSM’s interviewed. Charles, CSM, said he approximately caught 5 people this year. ANd Mr. Mata, AP, has caught approximately 4 people this year. A seller is most obvious when they have a big bag that makes noises and their are a group of people that are surrounding them. Seller’s Body language is also obvious. They tend to look around much and always look antsy and nervous. Seller’s profit ranges from $45-100 a week. Sellers admit that is a dangerous thing to do, but it brings money and it’s easy.

However in the end, it is still illegal to do. Student cannot legally be selling on campus because it is a health violation.

For further questions please visit the California Department of Education website that gives detailed information on selling food school campuses.  http://www.cde.ca.gov/ls/nu/sn/mbsnp112015.asp