Operation Titan


Operation Titan is a CCHS program that honors former Chavez students who have made it through basic training and are currently serving in the military after high school. The program is ran by the SLC Leadership. They have been honoring this program for 6 years now. Each and every former student that has been deployed will receive a package from Operation Titan.  

Operation Titan is a group of kids who help raise money for supplies to go in a care package for the students who went to the military that attended our school. Operation Titan meets during class time, which is 1st period in C102. Mrs. Rivera is in charge of getting the names and address of the people in the military. We do this to show them that we appreciate them and are thinking about them.

Tremaine Williams, a former Chavez student currently serving for the Army, has received a care package and he named off things that were in the package; “Fruit snacks, Tic-Tacs, Chavez towel, and 3 letters saying “ We miss you and appreciate you.” “ I feel good about receiving them and it makes me remember where I came from. When I was in the desert I thought I was going to lose my mind, but receiving the gifts made me realize who had my back in the end.” “I think that other people get jealous because they have old raggedy towels and I had a towel that meant something to me.”

Tremaine is only one of the dozens upon dozens of former students with similar stories. Operation Titan was originally created by former CCHS teacher and CCHS Oracle God Mother Anita Wertz.