The SAT Reasoning Test



     It is that time of the year again when seniors stress about the SAT and going to college. This year we are going to try to ease some of that stress by laying out for you what the SAT test is all about.  The SAT Reasoning Test is a test that assesses the critical reading, mathematics and writing skills of students who seriously want to get into a college. Taking the SAT test is a big deal for students who care about their education. The results of this test represent one factor considered by many colleges and universities. In fact, this test is such an opportunity that students have to pay a fee to take this test. The College Board is the non-profit, U.S. based organization that takes care of all the rules. They also published and developed the SAT test. Students who are willingly take the test study hard and are up for the challenge.

     The SAT consists of seven subjects including; Literature, U.S. History, Mathematics (levels 1 and 2), Biology E/M, Chemistry, Physics, and Languages with listening. The languages include; French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. All students who take the SAT also benefit from taking the test. Students can get Student Search Service and receive free information about colleges, universities and scholarships. Before taking the test, a fee must be paid and the cost may vary. If a student registers by phone the cost is $15, late fees and change fees are $28 dollars and wait list fees are $46. However, if a student makes a request of service from the College Board it cannot be canceled so make sure what you request is your official decision. To contact the College Board you can call (212) 713-8000 Or fax (703) 787-6796. Students can also E-mail the College Board at [[email protected]]. If you are a 9th-12th grade student , you may qualify for a free waiver. This means that you don’t have to pay to take the test. Free waivers are only available to students on U.S. territory, however, U.S. citizens living outside the U.S. may be able to have test fees waived. If you are home-schooled, contact a local High School counselor to get free waivers. Once you have your free waiver, you have to register by mail or online in order to take the test.  To register online enter the; twelve digit code (each code is good for only one registration), name of a High School counselor or other authorized person and the way you qualified for the free waiver. If you are registering by mail, get the free waiver with paper registration form and mail it to: College Board SSD Program  P.O. Box 8060 Mt. Vernon, IL 62864-0060.  Preparing for the SAT can be stressful, but it is always nice to know what to bring ahead of time.

      Students should bring their ID when they take the test so staff of the school know that you are a student and won’t question you. Another handy thing you might need is a no. 2 pencil, some teachers may not lend pencils. So, it is a good idea to bring your own. A calculator would help tremendously on the mathematics section of the test, be sure that your calculator is approved first. The day before taking the test it is recommended that students study before heading to bed and get good rest; at least eight hours of sleep. On the day of the test, eating a good breakfast would help alot with keeping your mind focused on your test instead of your hunger. Before you get to your testing room, you should try to use the restroom even though you feel like you don’t have to go at the moment. By using the restroom early you don’t have to worry about when to use the restroom or leaving the test to use the restroom. Planning out what you should do the day before the test will make the day of the test less stressful and you won’t have much to worry about. By taking the SAT, colleges and universities from all around will recognize your skills and that can lead to a better and brighter future for yourself.