The Motto for Everybody

Everybody has to have their own personal positive quote that motivates them for a majority or for the rest of your life. A motto will help you plan. Life is pretty simple and plain to understand that, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

— -as told by my grandfather

While we are young, we have to keep our head wide open to capture any advice given or spoken around you. You don’t know what word said will help your whole life.

The motto that pushes me every morning when I wake up is, “Believe in Miracles”

Believe in Miracles

— -ananomys

What I hear when I say this is, when you’re feeling down about something or depressed about any reason, believe in a miracle in the close future to help you stand up now. Now that you’re up, think about a dream you see yourself accomplishing. The more you think about it, you’ll talk about it, more you talk about it, it turns into habits, next your habit turns into actions, now your actions turns into your character.

What made me realize I needed a Motto was when I hit rock bottom’s basement, asked myself what do I do now, and answered with, “I don’t know…” That’s when I really opened my eyes and started to believe in miracles. Some people should know it doesn’t have to take until you’re at your butt off your shoulders and start Believing in Miracles.