10 things you do not know about Gilbert Arevalos

  I, Gilbert Arevalos, while a unique individual, is also a good friend. While I’m mean or bit weird, which I don’t really care, I still try doing things like any other teenager or young adult. I like to have fun, be serious when I have to , but most of all, enjoy the little time I have at Cesar Chavez high school.

1.)I usually go by different names due to people forgetting my name or getting it close with another. It’s never easy in my life.

2.)I am scared of spiders, regardless the size if its a daddy long legs to a black widow. I do not mess around with that stuff.

3.)I like to eat Asian food due to me eating out or at homes with my closest asian friends. Since we usually hang out late.

4.) I used to play football during my sophomore year but didn’t continue on for personal reasons. I also stopped due to my sprained ankle.

5.) I like to play Brave Frontier, even though I ply through the trials in the game, which are really hard to beat.

6.) I like to drink the Arizona drinks but mostly the kiwi-strawberry flavor. Which I say is my favorite beverage.

7.) I’m going to go to delta for engineering but I can also get my associate’s degree since its a two year program.

8.) I am a family man, I like to be with my family, even though they sometimes annoy me but I still love them none the less.

9.) I have a nephew. He has a lot of hair for a kid that was barely one-years-old but he gets a little cry baby-ish from time to time.

10.) I like to listen to dub-step. I like to listen to the drop’s and the beats, since there is no other songs like the ones I listen to on my dub-step section.