10 thing’s you didn’t know about Marcus Rodriguez

Marcus Rodriguez

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1.I from San Jose , I used live on East side. I moved to Stockton when I was  10-years old.

2.I like listening to rap music from mid-west and west. My favorite Rap artists are Brotha lynch hung, Futuristic and Killa sharks.

3. I like to play video games, mostly on PlayStation 3. Here is couple of games that I play are Saints Row IV, Call of Duty Black Ops 3, and Grand Theft Auto V.

4. My Favorite sports teams are San Francisco giants, San Jose sharks, San Francisco 49ers.

5.My favorite TV show is ridiculousness

6.My favorite class subject is English. My Least favorite is math and Foreign language.

7.My favorite Marvel comic book character is Dead Pool. Because he is really funny and comedic.

8.I like to look at really nice looking cars. Like Dodge Dart or  Chevy Impala

9.I buy customize controllers online. Especially Scuff  Controllers.

10. I help  my mom out a lot.