10 Things about me: Elizjhay Truitt

In the year of “2014” during Christmas was when my grandmother gifted me with a Polaroid camera which I adore to this day . Ice cream is one of my favorite deserts , speaking of the brand of Klondike Ice cream it is covered with chocolate & has a variety of multiple flavors . Palm trees send good vibes through out the world , they remind many of paradise they are my favorite trees . Road trips & vacations are common , which is best when overwhelmed even over night . Earphones are used , on daily basis personally I turn to them when wanting to avoid many by tuning out the world . Recently , top fast food joints currently now popular , closet located in sacermento the food is fresh & will have you coming back for more . My interest is poetry which is why I enjoy every bit of the book “Whiskey words & Shovel ” by Rh.sin . The “Cross” represents religion , of course Jesus died on the cross whom I’m thankful for he’s my healer & protector . Laughing is a everyday thing for me , they say it’s healthy for you I agree ” laughing “makes my day easily .” Money” keeps me motivated on education what leads to a career , so I won’t ever need to struggle throughout life .