Richard Washington, Reporter

What freedom means to me is a life long privilege that could be simply taken away if you don’t follow the rules. Freedom isn’t really what you really think it is. You think it’s a pass to do whatever you want. It is just a promise slightly broken. It would have me think at times, ”Is it the only promise I want slightly broken?”

The reason why I cherish freedom is because there are not only adults but kids our age that in a stretched period of time of their life they’re incarcerated and or sent to group homes. I didn’t realize how much freedom I had until I had 100% of my freedom taken away. In a group home, you can have up to 70% of freedom, as a privilege. Kids assume if they are ”grounded” or have their phone taken, it’s a theory of lost freedom. I believe there’s a lot of kids spoiled and don’t understand the ”true” meaning and feeling of freedom until they sit down behind thick walls and locked doors.

What freedom means to me is a limited extent to having fun… in a limited period of time. That is what I mean by, ”A promise slightly broken.” But what I’ve witnessed in my life it’s more like, ”A broken promise.” My advice to everybody with all of their freedom, realize what you got, before you complain.