Ten Things About Angel Sanchez

These are ten things about Angel Sanchez that you may not know about him.But first lets fill in the stuff you should know about him like how he is a senor at Cesar Chavez and is a student in journalism and this means that he is also a reporter for the oracle. Angel has gone to Chavez for all four years and is friends with Gilbert and Paris and Marcus and always tries to do his best in his classes and is a very happy person. He is 18 years old and is a quiet person but try to be as friendly as he possible can be. Angel is smart but very slow and disorganized but still always tries to keep up with his classes even if he doesn’t understand the class. Angel is determined to pass his classes and even if he can’t he feels that it is always with trying.

  1. I am pyromaniac. I love the rousting marshmallows
  2. I am careless. I eat the watermelon seeds.
  3. I can’t truly hate someone I will always be willing to help someone. We should not judge others.
  4. I love watermelon and mash potatoes. I never get tired of these two things.
  5. I can’t stand the taste of cantaloupe. I have tried it but it just doesn’t taste right.
  6. I love chemistry. It is just so amazing to see how elements are bonded.
  7. I don’t know much about cars. I don’t understand why they break so easily.
  8. I am boring. I like to read and draw in silence.
  9. I like to read science books. Some of the books interest me and I will read for weeks.
  10. My favorite color is all of them. I feel that each of the colors have meaning equivalent to each to other.
  11. I love the snow. The cold makes me feel warm and happy.
  12. I hate when it is sunny. The sun hurts and makes me feel weak.
  13. My favorite dish is fried chicken and mash potatoes and grape Kool-Aid and watermelon and corn bread. It shouldn’t come as a surprise because I like watermelon which goes great with fried chicken which taste like heaven with mash potatoes which goes well with Kool-Aid and to top it off with corn bread just says it all.