10 Things You Don’t Know About Paris Soeung

Paris Soeung is a unique student in Cesar Chavez and he cares about his skin color too much that he rather stay in the shade than hanging out with his friends in the sun. Today he covers himself with a sweater so he doesn’t get any darker and feel uncomfortable about himself.

1)He is a negative person and cares what people say to his face. He also straighten his hair in 7th and 8th grade, but now he doesn’t.                                                                                               2015-12-25-134525

2)He listen to music and see if his skin is darker than last time. Also, he makes a serious face every time he takes a picture.                                                                                                      2015-12-25-134708

3)Paris cones his hair to the side or puts it on the side and turn his head to a direction. He also like to roll his eyes to ignore people.                                                                                         2015-12-25-134648

4)In a few a months he cuts his hair and loves to positioned his head while he takes a selfie which he doesn’t do but have to because of this assignment. He hates taking pictures with other people.                                                                                                2015-12-25-134600

5) He loves to watch some anime. Now he spends his time playing games that his eyes look really tired and got chubby.       2016-04-26-135320

6)He doesn’t like to spend time with his friends that much. However, he likes to exercise when he has time.                                  2016-04-26-135521

7)He would throw a T.V out the window than watching it. Hates giving somebody money when he needs it the most.           2016-04-26-135504

8)Doesn’t like to use computers. Likes to play around too much.                                                                                                         2016-04-26-134343

9)He acts crazy when he eats candy. He also doesn’t like to be roasted and looks the same since 9th grade.                                   2016-04-26-135405

10)He  is also crazy for food when he sees something that looks edible. He hates to shave when his beard and sideburns grows.