Tinker v Des Moines

As a silent protest towards the Vietnam War, the Tinker sibling (Mary Beth and John)  and Christopher Eckhardt planned to wear black armbands to school. The school principals had found out about the plans and had created a new policy stating that ” any students wearing an armband will be asked to be removed it, if refused to do so, it will result to suspension.” The students did not care about the rules and still wore the black armbands. They were sent home and wasn’t allowed back on to school campus until they stopped wearing it. The students did not attend school until after New Years. The father Mr. Tinker filed a petition against the school district, which caught the district courts attention. The district ruled in favor of the school.The case then went to the Appellate court or “court that hears the appeal of a trial court’s decision.”The case was ruled in favor of the students in a 7-2 vote.The Supreme Court decided that the students have the rights to express themselves on behalf of the first amendment students are allowed to express their opinion or ideas just as long as their intentions don’t interrupt or disturbs the peace of a learning institution. In my opinion I agree with the Supreme Courts decision because it is our natural right to be able to Be able to hold assembly as well as being able to express ones opinions and beliefs. Also they’re intentions were in favor of ending a war in which thousands of lives were falling victims to. So it is only natural to have the desire of peace and harmony as a human being. Overall this was an interesting case in which I learned a lot of our past history and till this day am grateful for since it was in defense of our first right “Freedom of Speech”.