Dean Vs. Utica

On August 8, 1950 Katherine Dean who is a former student of Utica while in high school, wrote an page for the school newspaper about a wife and her husband who lived next to a place where a bus would warm up and how the husband had gotten lung cancer because of the diesel gas coming from the bus. Dean brings her case to court through her mother because she believes that they violated her freedoms of speech and press under the First and Fourteenth Amendments by censoring an article she wrote for the Utica High School newspaper, the Arrow. Mich was being sued by a husband and wife who alleged that school bus exhaust fumes had contributed to the husband’s lung cancer and other illnesses. Dean won because she had gathered evidence about the human body and she did studies to prove that the diesel gas was the cause of and lung caner. The The School said that she was using inaccurate information and that it was obtained through unreliable sources and Machesky deemed the article to be inaccurate because environmental studies conducted for the Frances litigation indicated that our operations had no health impact.The judges deiced that the school’s censorship was indefensible and that Dean was just reporting the truth. This court case had an impact on the way things are done today like how buses don’t leave there car running and how the students are allowed to report what they want as long as it follows the rules or the school or news company. This case shows how reporters have freedom of speech and are entitled to there rights.Although the school is still allowed to censor what students put in to the school newspaper they can only can change it if it is inappropriate in anyway such as inappropriate language and pictures.