Interview with Mr. Perovich

Ariana Montgomery, Interviewer

Interviewing with Mr. Perovich might have been the coolest thing to do. He’s very up beat and just full of youth. Also, he has very good quotes to live by.

“No pressure, No diamonds” he said with a curt nod. “If you hang your hat on that you’ll do good.”

Perovich loves being a CAPA teacher. He says he loves the kids and how creative they are. He’s been teaching for over 25 years. I know, that’s a lot! You go Mr. Perovich! He loves high school kids, they’re one of the reasons they keep him young.

Perovich said he likes Chavez because of the facility. Since it is a new school and all. He likes working with the kids, He also admitted to working with some great collegues. A plus to working/liking Chavez is he said he lives five┬áminutes away. He doesn’t have to rush to school and get stuck in traffic. Even though he lives like five minutes away Mr. Perovich says he still likes coming to school early.

“I try to get here before 6:45.” He does that so he can open up his classroom and let kids hang out in his room. Anyone is allowed.

During his free time he likes to travel and spend time with his family. He also informed he loves coming home after a good travel.

Last but not least, if you didn’t know this, Perovich teaches golf! He’s the coach for our very own Chavez team. He would voulenter and one day the Franklin coach was hurt in a real bad car crash so he took up the position. He said he was in the right place at the right time. Ever since then he’s been coaching the golf team.