Mr. Micenheimer, The Special ed teacher!

DSC_0033 smallAs you all may know that at here at Chavez, we have some of the best teachers here, and one of those teachers would be Mr. Micenheimer! If you haven’t heard of him, he is a staff member here at Cesar Chavez and he teaches with students with disabilities. He is a very kind, good spirited, and welcoming teachers I’ve ever met! I, of course never had him as a teachers, but I would be so happy to be in his class!

“I would be a building contractor,” said Micenheimer

Before Micenheimer was a teacher, he majored in music and wanted to be a band teacher. His father then started to feel ill. He saw the problems that his father was going through and that he became ill(disabled). That’s when he decided to change his major and became a teacher, and teaches students with disabilities.

“I’ve worked at Stagg for 15 years and at Montezuma for 4 years,” said Mr. Micenheimer

Micenheimer has been teaching for over 25 years and been a special ed teacher for a total of 31 years! That is crazy! A teacher that works with students with disabilities for over 31 years, is amazing and impressive to me. You must have a lot of patience to have to work with them. I don’t know how they do it, but it remarkable!

“Letting the students discover things on their own,” said Mr. Micenheimer