Summer: bored-ism,fashion,and one educated girl

This summer I learned a very valuable lesson: summer is not just about “Fun in the sun”, you can actually become educated! June 9th, the first day of summer, was spent in a cold “G” building classroom..ugh. Summer school…dun dun dunnnn…After half a month and that same cold class learning about satire, genre, and clauses, I was finally done with summer school. Oh how I was relieved to get my credit, but a part of me was going to miss it cause I learned a lot of interesting facts in English that I didn’t know. For instance, the difference between persuasion and debate, where one is based on an act and the other is based on talking or arguing about something. I guess summer school was the only thing occupying my time cause after I finished bored-ism started. Everyday was the same thing: watching On Demand movies from 7 to 3, then walking to the park, yeah, bored-ism was in full swing. Late July, I guess my mom couldn’t take it cause we all packed in the car like sardines in shopped for to consecutive weekends in a row. Forever 21, Khol’s, Target, Ross, you name it we were there! I was just glad to stretch my legs and do what I love, SHOP! Coming around the corner  was my vacation. It was coming and coming and then BAM, there it was Atlanta! I was excited and dragging the fact that i had to get on two planes in all equaling seven hours of non-stop jet leg. Of course it was a different story when i got there.. There I was feeling close to home my culture was live and thriving. My favorite thing seen down there was the steppers, I literally fell in love with how they stepped to the music , but danced to there own beat One thing I was focusing on was the fashion of course, it was undeniably beautiful, I established I was gonna live here! Lol, maybe not , but honestly  I wanted to, for some reason  it felt like California was calling me back. I returned the call by sadly  coming back ,so that pretty much summarizes my summer!