Hanging Out In The Sun

My summer vaction was very busy but fun. I spent a good majority of it in the sun. Most days I was in the high tempratures playing softball. I was able to play ball with many of my friends from high school softball. If I wasn’t busy with softball, I was with my friends or family. One of the first things I did was with my friend Nathan. I bought a Penny Board and we went skating around Stockton. Not only did I get to catch up with an old friend, I got to go shopping too. We started by March Lane, road all the way to the mall, then to Lincoln Center. Atfer the first few week of break, my cousin had her 18th birthday party; in my culture it is also known as a debut. I had the chance to be part of her court of honor. The entire court of honor danced along side her in a waltz. Not to long after her party, the everyone who took part in the court of honor decided to go on a trip to Sacramento. Along the way, we heard about Sunsplash in Roseville. So instead of stopping in Sacramento, we went to Roseville for the night slides and food at Sunsplash. Just from one summer, I got fifty shades darker. Summer of 2014 was defiantly a summer to remember.