My experience at a rock concert


I recently went to my first rock concert in Sacramento and had a blast. It was a fun, chaotic experience that I experienced. Before I go to an even bigger rock concert in Las Vegas, I will be talking about some things that may happen at a rock concert.

Disclaimer: It doesn’t specifically have to be a rock concert since some concerts have been crazy and they weren’t even rock concerts.

One thing all concerts will have, is big, loudspeakers, depending on where you are standing or sitting they will affect your hearing temporarily. If you’re claustrophobic, you may not be able to handle the people around you, this also depends on which type of concert you are going to. One thing to look for could be Lawn Seating which is much more spread out. Some are chill and relaxing and some could be chaotic and obnoxious.

If you are in a crowd and feeling too hot or dehydrated, get out of the crowd and take a break and drink lots of water. If the concert gets crazy you will be bumped and have to watch your balance, so don’t fall. The last thing you want to do is to be passing out. Or even getting knocked down and getting stepped on by the crowd.

Mosh pits are very common at rock concerts and will happen, if you get pushed into the mosh pit, you have some options. If you choose to stay in the circle/mosh pit you will bump into other people aggressively while rocking out. If you don’t want to experience that, move up towards the front where you will get bumped into occasionally or move to the back of the crowd where it is usually less crowded. If you are too overwhelmed just leave the crowd entirely.

At some concerts there could be people crowd surfing, so watch out, and don’t drop them if they come near you. Make sure your shoes are tied and make sure none of your stuff falls out of your pockets. It’s very easy to lose something during a concert if you are jumping around or getting bumped into.

If you want to record some of the concert, have a good grip on your phone and try to keep it steady, don’t drop it. If you have a gimbal and are allowed to take it to the concert, I recommend using it.

One thing you should for sure bring is a personal ID. I was asked to show my ID before entering the building, so make sure to get one or take an ID with you. Another thing I would recommend is going as a group with your friends or family members, because it’s safer to have people you know around you, and you can watch each other’s back just in case something happens. Also, it’s fun to go with a group of friends.

Before entering the crowd, have a place to go if you exit the crowd, your other group members can find you at a familiar spot if they lose you or you get separated. One more thing to do at a concert is to have fun and vibe or rock out with the music.

Link to the concert in Sacramento

JJ – (67) Static X Concert 4/17/23 (Rise of the Machine) – YouTube