The Dead Space Remake is Great


The Dead Space Remake is a game we needed to start the year off. I was shocked to see a polished, finished game in the modern gaming era. So many games in the last couple of years came out not finished or needed big updates to fix the bugs and glitches in their lifecycle, and this game was not rushed. I only encountered a camera glitch which can easily be fixed by leaving and loading the game back up and some NPC glitches, but they are not game-breaking.

The game has many positive reviews such as an 89% on Metacritic, 9/10 on IGN, and 9/10 on GameSpot. It is a remake of the original game which did great, but the remake improves things from the first game. The graphics look good and improve the atmosphere of the original. The lighting is improved also, there are better shadows and some reflections.

Getting weapons is different from the original, instead of buying them, you progress through the story or explore to get them, which gives you a chance to try out all the weapons. The game also has no camera cuts, similar to God of War 2018, which adds more immersion to the game. You can now travel anywhere with the tram instead of each level being locked off after finishing a chapter, which encourages backtracking. There are also security levels you need to collect to open locked doors and lockers while you are exploring the ship, and you have to backtrack to unlock them later.

The mini-map has changed, it’s now a 2d map instead of 3d, which makes the map easier to read and understand. The upgrade system is way better, you have to find upgrade parts for weapons to unlock more upgrade spots for power nodes. The gameplay feels exactly like the original with different control schemes from Dead Space 2 and 3 and a modern control scheme. The gravity sections are way better and are similar to Dead Space 2 and 3. The old gravity system made me get motion sickness, which is a first in a video game that I’ve played because you don’t know where you are at spacially. The improvement lets you float around the gravity sections.

The story is mostly the same, there are some changes to the story and missions, but some sections of the ship are new, and some old areas are familiar which is nice. Some annoying sections are changed and greatly improved, like the cannon part, which was annoying in the original Dead Space, but now it’s not as frustrating. I would recommend the game for people who never played the original Dead Space, but for the people who played the original, I would wait for a sale on the game. It’s worth the playthrough. The Dead Space Remake is on next-gen consoles and on PC.