Dying Light 2 the forgotten 2022 game


Dying Light 2, developed by Techland, came out on February 4, 2022, and was quickly forgotten after a month or two. Some of the main reasons for this game escaping our memories are the numerous glitches and physics issues, the development behind the scenes, and the support after launch.

I played until the end and enjoyed it, but there was something off with the game the entire time. The physics were a step down from the first Dying Light game. The first game nailed the physics, but in the second game, they fell off. For example, when you jump, it feels floaty like the gravity is delayed or something like that, and the ragdoll physics were glitchy, broken, or nonexistent. 

The E3 trailer we saw looked so much better than what we actually got. The lighting and layout of the map looked great and felt alive. When the game was released, we got a whole different map which was less like the trailer, the lighting wasn’t dark and gritty, and the map felt empty in a way. You still have NPCs and zombies, but the trailer showed more interactions with the map. The reason for the map change is because of mismanagements at the company and one of the art directors or somebody from that position got fired and the company scrapped that part of the game, which is the map of the E3 trailer.

After the launch, there were some free things and some events for the game, but a DLC would come later in November which didn’t help, because it’s really not an extension to the main story, and the DLC takes place in a building.

How is Dying Light 2 in 2023? The developers of the game made the game better by fixing some physics, adding some lighting options to make the game look dark and gritty, and a new roadmap. The game is in a better state now with some great changes, let’s hope that the future of the game will be better and that the DLC isn’t a disappointment. 

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