The comeback of Queen Rihanna


Rihanna is known as one of the most talented artists in the world today.

Her awards list is packed full while winning 9 grammy awards, 12 billboard awards, 13 American Music Awards, and many other amazing accomplishments. She is even an actress performing in Ocean’s 8, Dreamworks Home, Annie, and many more amazing films making her a jack of all trades. 

Her impact on society has grown through the years. She inspires many African American girls through her years of making music and being a music goddess in her community.

She also makes a difference in the world. In 2022 she announced her donation of $15 million between 18 climate justice organizations in the Caribbean and the U.S. making it one of her biggest achievements she has done in the world other than her music. Some people call her a hero saying her qualities as a human being make her a transformational leader to many people. 

In 2016, Rhianna announced she was taking a break from music to do other passions; her last song for a while was Anti. Then one day on October 22, 2022, she released a song named Lift Me Up for the Black Panther Wakanda Forever movie, exciting her supporters after a 6-year long break and making this a heartfelt moment for the ages.