The origin of CCHS hauntings (h)

Back in 1965 a family of eight were living in house in Stockton, CA where you now know Cesar Chavez High School to be. They were living happily until a group of men from the government invaded their land claiming the will tear down the lovely house. Of course the father opposed to anything they had said.  Not caring what the father wanted, the agents gave them a year to get all their possessions and move out of the house. The Mejias agreed to that arrangement, but only for show. The Mejia family had nowhere to go, so with that in mind they weren’t leaving just because the government wanted more land for planting crops.

As the year went by the family was still living just as they had before; not one thing packed. They went on with their lives, but not without getting constant harassments of the government reminding them to move out on the date they had agreed on.

Once January 25th hit, the agents appeared with workers and a bulldozers, ready to tear down the house with or without the family’s consent. It was too much of a struggle to get them out, the Mejia’s were dead set on staying in the home at any cost. They gave them multiple warnings, but Steve Meijia’s family still would not listen. As a result, the Government  tore down the house with everybody still inside claiming to do it under the law of .

The workers did their jobs and cleaned up the place to get the area ready for new crops. The agents made sure the bodies were never found, buried deep down were the crops would grow. All eight innocent people were killed, Steve the father, Maria the mother, Sandra and Lily the twins, Mario, Raymond, and Julian the sons and Jayla the grandmother. They successfully planted new crops a year later.

Everything was going well until workers in the field would complain to the boss about hearing strange noises, giggling from little girls, even to seeing kids running around. Some days workers would come to work and all the crops would be damaged. The hauntings only got worse. It got to a point were grown men would run out the the fields too terrified to step foot on the land ever again.

Throughout the years workers failed to remember to upkeep the crops. Everybody forgot about the area as nobody dared to go around it. The land was just overall isolated. Generation after Generation the story of the family was never told until we came to 2004. This is the year that the city bought the land and built Cesar Chavez High School. No official police reports were made of hauntings so they were able to successfully build the school. In 2005 the school was opened to students and staff.  

It is believed that the excessive noise from the school disrupted Steve’s family from their resting place. By disturbing the resting spirits which caused them to get angry, making them begin hauntings again. They target you most when you’re walking alone. When you feel a push and nobody is around just beware that its them. The Mejia family has a tendency to take teachers and staffs’  belongings and move them somewhere else. “Steve is typically seen in the school’s auditorium, knocking on the walls, turning on and off the lights, as well as hearing his heavy footsteps on the stage, or even sitting in the audience area watching us practice. ” says Mr. Castanon CCHS drama teacher.

But that isn’t the only hauntings. Sandra and Lily like to sing down the halls always trying to get attention from the boy students. The sons usually like to torment the students and teachers by kicking the doors really hard during class. They run around the halls, knocking people down. They are the ones that do the most damage or pull the majority of the fire alarms. As long as you try not to get rid of them you’re in the clearing with the lost family. Although on Halloween nobody can stop their hauntings because that’s when they attack the most.